Happy Human Rights Day!

Do you know what your (and everyone else’s) rights are as a human being on planet Earth? If you have ever wondered, today is a great day to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a United Nations General Assembly proclamation. Here is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the United Nations’ web site. If you are interested in a more visual depiction, check out Zen Pencils’ “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” graphic. As the UN History of the Document says, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948, was the result of the experience of the Second World War. With the end of that war, and the creation of the United Nations, the international community vowed never again to allow atrocities like those of that conflict happen again.”

With regard to recent human rights issues, especially those related to Syrian refugees, Islamophobia, as well as Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter, it is important for those of us interested in truly loving our neighbors to understand what our rights as humans are so we know when those rights are being violated, and take action to remedy that violation.

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Rebecca is a theological librarian (M.Div., Eden Theological Seminary; M.A., I.S.L.T., University of Missouri - Columbia) from St. Louis, MO with an interest in the intersection of theological and religious literacies and metaliteracy in the lives of all people, especially those of faith. Some of her Big Life Questions are "How do people of faith explore their faith questions; how can I support that exploration with proven and emerging educational strategies, research processes, and quality resources; and so informed, decisively act as disciples of Jesus in the real world in which we live?"