SIUE’s 2015 LIS Symposium: Engaging Community Through Digital Collections

A view of SIUE on a sunny spring day.
A view of SIUE today

I attended this event today (on such a nice day, it felt like quite the field trip, really!), and was rewarded with two really interesting presentations, one about the Edwardsville Public Library’s oral history project, “Edwardsville Speaks,” in which around 18 long-time Edwardsville residents share some of their life stories, thus preserving some important history and stories about Edwardsville.

The second presentation was about Washington University’s digital repository, “Documenting Ferguson.” This presentation was particularly touching in that it details this digital repository as Washington University librarians’ and archivists’ response to Ferguson events surrounding the killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. (As a librarian who often wants to “do something” but often doesn’t know what to do or where to begin, or occasionally feels like my responses to important events is inadequate, I was impressed that these people “did something” in which they were already, in some ways, well-versed.) I am also impressed that this repository seeks multiple perspectives on Ferguson. Anyone who has original digital content pertaining to Ferguson protests and other relevant events is invited to contribute it to the repository here.

Great job, Lovejoy Library at SIUE and presenters!

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