Happy Easter / Resurrection Sunday!

If you are a Christian, I hope you are able to take some time today to consider what the resurrection of Jesus means to you. If you’re at a loss, here’s a thought from Steve Patterson’s book The God of Jesus: The Historical Jesus & the Search for Meaning to mull over. It’s a great book and you really should read the whole thing.









Wishing you a joy-filled Easter!

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Rebecca is a theological librarian (M.Div., Eden Theological Seminary; M.A., I.S.L.T., University of Missouri - Columbia) from St. Louis, MO with an interest in the intersection of theological and religious literacies and metaliteracy in the lives of all people, especially those of faith. Some of her Big Life Questions are "How do people of faith explore their faith questions; how can I support that exploration with proven and emerging educational strategies, research processes, and quality resources; and so informed, decisively act as disciples of Jesus in the real world in which we live?"