What is religious information literacy?

Religious information literacy is the intellectual foundation of faith formation. It is an integration of religious literacy and information literacy that offers people of faith a way to explore life’s questions and problems from a critically evaluative and faith-centered perspective (the two need not be mutually exclusive). Information, religious, biblical, and theological literacies all address the same fundamental issue: the importance of handling religious information adeptly.

The term religious information literacy, while less popular than the terms religious literacy and information literacy, has been used as early as 2011 by Lyndelle Gundon(1), and while having no formal definition available, is often hinted at in works concerning religious and theological literacies, as well as information literacy education within religious and theological environments.

In addition to the content-based (what one knows) perspective of religious, theological, and biblical literacies, religious information literacy focuses on the processes that encourage lifelong learning of that content.

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Currently Known Works Using the Term “Religious Information Literacy”

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