Invitation to Participate in Faith Thinking Foundations Course / Research Study

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Think your faith more deeply!

Is 2015 the year to explore your beliefs more deeply? Do you want to:

  •  Profoundly explore a faith question or topic?
  • Become more informed and intentional in your faith life?
  •  Make an important contribution to religious literacy research?

If so, the Faith Thinking Foundations course gives you a convenient way to bring faith, mind, and action together. This free 8-week online course provides you with the opportunity to explore a faith question or topic with a group of faith seekers from the perspective of critical thinking and faithful living. Course participants do this by using seminary and library-tested educational processes, tools, and frameworks that have been modified to meet the needs of laypeople in an online learning environment.

Course Details:

The course is taught by Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri (M.Div.; M.A., I.S.L.T.), a theological librarian  called to help empower people to investigate their faith questions through religious, theological, and information literacy skills and processes.

Your participation in the 2015 Faith Thinking Foundations course is also a valuable contribution to religious literacy/metaliteracy research. This course (last year taught in-person at Liberation Christian Church in St. Louis, MO) is part of original research that I will present at the 2015 Annual Conference on Information and Religion at Kent State University. I am studying how effective the online Faith Thinking Foundations course is for students learning religious literacy concepts.

How to help:

  • Sign up for the course by February 20.
  • Forward this information to anyone you think would be interested in taking the course.
  • Even if you are unable or uninterested in taking this course at this time, please fill out the following anonymous 5-question survey:

Please let me know at [email protected] / 314-922-4019 if you have any questions or would like additional information about the course or project.

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Rebecca is a theological librarian (M.Div., Eden Theological Seminary; M.A., I.S.L.T., University of Missouri - Columbia) from St. Louis, MO with an interest in the intersection of theological and religious literacies and metaliteracy in the lives of all people, especially those of faith. Some of her Big Life Questions are "How do people of faith explore their faith questions; how can I support that exploration with proven and emerging educational strategies, research processes, and quality resources; and so informed, decisively act as disciples of Jesus in the real world in which we live?"